The Georgetown Chimes 70th Year
The Georgetown Chimes Practicing in the late 1950s
Father Jim Walsh S.J. Singing with the Georgetown Chimes
Francis Ephus (Frank) Jones played backup quarterback on the Yale football team as an undergraduatebefore serving as a Captain for the United States armed forces in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. Upon returning home from the war as a graduate student at Yale, he was disappointed to find that the university would not allow graduate students on its football team. Thus Jones transferred to Georgetown, where he was permitted to play.
The Georgetown Chimes at Georgetown's first barbershop competition

However, upon Jones’ arrival to Georgetown, the University’s athletic policies had changed, barring him from participation in the football team. Jones channeled his energy to his other passion: singing. He joined Georgetown’s Glee Club, but soon had a dream of a singing group at Georgetown that “emphasized brotherhood and friendship through harmony.”[2]
Asking around Georgetown’s campus, Jones attempted to recruit the best talents he could find, starting with Chuck Laiosa, who was known to be Georgetown’s best bass singer. Jones and Laiosa’s new-found group started as a branch of Georgetown’s Glee Club, but separated after fifteen years, becoming The Georgetown Chimes.